Top 4 royalty free music banks for videos

original music composition

In video marketing, choosing the right soundtrack can make the difference between a video that grips your audience from start to finish and one they’ll barely watch half of.

Add the right soundtrack or advertising theme to capture your audience’s attention and convey the specific feelings you want to associate with your brand. If you neglect the musical aspect, your advertising videos will be less exciting.

In a 1994 study that tested the effect of original music composition on attitudes toward a brand, half of the participants watched a version of an apple juice commercial with music, while the other half watched it without music.

Twenty-three percent of participants who viewed the apple juice commercial with music reported that one of the benefits of the beverage was «drinking a natural beverage.» In contrast, of the participants who saw the commercial without music, only 4% had the same perception about the brand.

Music can make your projects much more captivating, impactful and, at the same time, compelling. Whether you make fun videos for social media, persuasive videos about your products or even training videos, music will have a positive effect on consumers.

In the world of video marketing, you usually don’t have a team of musicians that you can call on whenever you need material for your next video. That’s why you’ll look for sites that have an outstanding inventory. 

We found the 4 best music sites that offer high quality files and will provide the perfect soundtrack for your next video.

  • PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat, from the creators of Shutterstock, offers one of the most diverse and extensive collections of copyright-free original music composition on the Internet. With the help of their music industry experts, they selected over 10 thousand tracks that you can segment by genre, mood, artist, instruments, tempo and duration. 

Their music experts created a selection that has PremiumBeat’s featured tracks, so you won’t be short of material for your content.

  • Epidemic Sound

By collaborating with some of the most talented musicians in the industry, Epidemic Sound tracks are featured in YouTube and Facebook videos that rack up over 20 billion views each month. Epidemic Sound has curated over 725 royalty-free music albums, ranging from genres like «Corporate» to «First Snow,» allowing them to offer diverse and high-quality options. 

  • Artlist

Artlist partners with some of the best independent artists to develop original tracks and helps companies like National Geographic, Microsoft and Toyota make video soundtracks. 

They offer thousands of tracks that you can filter by mood, theme, genre, instrument, tempo and duration. Artlist also makes collections on the works of their artists and highlights their albums.

  • Music Vine

Music Vine collaborates with over 160 independent musicians to produce over 2500 tracks that you can segment, either by style, mood, project type, or duration, among other categories. 

They also curate collections for particular tracks in film and video production. In addition, Music Vine dedicates a section of their website to their artists, allowing people to follow them and explore their original music composition.